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Sunday, June 19, 2011

3. Another name for Moria
4. Hero's escort into Mirkwood
6. Plural of Craban
8. Elrond's home
9. The camp of the sons of Elrond
10. Who you meet in the Flooded Ward
12. Hag everyone hates
14. Champion of Angmar
16. Where are the Smials?
17. Name for the summer festival
20. Old name of Ancient Silver Ore
21. Elf who crafted a ring of lesser power
1. Mirkwood of old
2. North of The Shire
4. NPC who says, "I will show you pain."
5. Item collected from Guldurchir
7. Kill 300 of these in Angmar
11. Ranger in The Shire
13. One of the Elf camps in Mirkwood
15. The Free Peoples of Middle-Earth
18. Place where Daervunn resides
19. Frodo lived here

22 of 22 words were placed into the puzzle.